What Are The Main Components Of A Wrought Iron Fence?

June 9, 2022
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Regardless of whether you’ve had a fence constructed or are researching your options in terms of adding a new fence, you may have heard of terms like spires, pickets, posts and rails. But what about finials, cover flanges and escutcheons? Let us enlighten you! Here is a rundown of some of the main components of a wrought iron fence.
One of the main structural components of a fence are what are called members or rails. These horizontal elements essentially help hold a fence together, and they are an important part of a fence’s overall structure. They are located at the top of a wrought iron fence, they run parallel to the ground and they are where fence panels connect to the posts. Additional horizontal members are often added to create ‘housings’ for decorative elements like internal scrolling.

Vertical members, also known as spires, are the vertical pieces of wrought iron that serve as the fence ‘posts’, and in terms of fence construction, pickets are the vertical pieces that make up the centre of a fence panel. These are welded to the rails on a wrought iron fence. Pickets can also be known as balusters, and picket castings are ornamentation attached to a picket for decoration.