Wrought Iron Fence Panel/Metal Picket Ornamental Fencing

November 10, 2022

The animal barrier extends the protection of your existing fence underground. Each piece of the Barrier is 24" long and 15" Depth, and the fence rod gap is 1.5 Inch, it Keeps your little pets like dogs/pigs.... from digging under the fence and get out, and Stop some Small/Medium critters like groundhog rabiit to damage your garden and backyard.

1)Galvanized steel material and anti-rust black finish to ensure that it is not easy to scratch or rust in all kinds of bad weather.

2)The welding strong, can be reused many times.Can be used by splicing together or separately.
3)Suitable for making a border around flower beds, plant beds, lawns, etc. to protect them from damage.
4)Easy installation, Maintenance not required. No need for new fence installation, works with existing fencing.
5)You just need to prepare a hammer and a pair of gloves to insert these barrier fences into the ground.
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