Welded Gabion Box

May 20, 2023
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Gabion mesh is a high - quality steel mesh.They can be filled on site with hard, durable stone to form a massive gravity retaining wall structure.Because they lack flexibility.Welded steel cages cannot be adapted to uneven settlement or used in rivers.Compared with the woven steel gabion, the strength of the welded steel gabion is higher.In order to meet different engineering requirements, welding gabion box can provide different line diameter and unit size.


This gabion is a great choice for both residential and commercial landscape design. The gabion basket offers an easy way to build a strong retaining wall wherever you need to keep out the wind, precipitation, etc. It doubles as a gabion planter, presenting a convenient way of creating a strong yet stylish raised vegetable,flower or plant bed in your garden. The sturdy gabion has been designed to be filled with rocks or gravel.




It can be used as chicken net, duck, goose, rabbit net; And also used as fencing in zoo; Machinery equipment' s protection; Speedway' s fencing, stadium circle net, the street afforests the belt protection on the road., and also for agriculture construction, reinforcing stone cage, food processing industries, and so on

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