W profile wrought iron palisade fencing gate factory

July 26, 2022
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It is widely accepted as the industry leader to protect and deter general attack from all types and conditions of intrusion. Palisade fence is constructed using a post, rail and paling system. The security level of the fence can be increased by increasing the height of the fence, adding the pale numbers of each panel or increasing the thickness of the pale. The pales are made from hot formed and cold rolled steel belt,These belt offer both strength and rigidity combined with a long life span.



Variations for post

In addition to the standard posts many variations are available to accommodate site requirements: • wall fixing plates, cranked posts or base plated • with cranked or straight extensions for barbed or razor wire • cranked panels


For Connection of the pales and IPE post,and make the fence as whole panel.
Surface Treatment
Galvanized and
Electrostatic polyester powder coated or hot dipped galvanized
With19 holes drilled on one edge side