steel vineyard posts

September 11, 2022
Latest company news about steel vineyard posts

Our high-end coatings provide a long lasting protection for vineyard posts. Coating with Zinc Galvanizing before roll forming with pre-galvanized coils from Z 275 to Z 600, ZAM (Zinc Alloy Coating, Aluminum and Magnesium), or hot dipping after roll forming.
Traceability: each vineyard post has a precise traceability (type of steel, type of coating, date of manufacture)..
Quality control: cold roll forming in accordance with NF EN 10162 - Steels according to NF EN 10025-2 - Hot dip galvanization according to NF EN ISO 1461 - ZAM according to NF EN 10346.
Vinepost to meet the requirements of each vineyard, the specificities of each crop and exploitation. Its patented end post allows you to gain area and thus increase your profitability.