Security Prison Garden 358 Anti Climb Fence Anti Theft

October 15, 2023

High Anti Climb Security Prison Fence Panels 358 Iron Garden Mesh Fence Anti Theft Fence



358 Anti Climb Fencing Description


358 fence named after its small climb resistant welded mesh: 3" × 0.5" × 8 gauge, which equates to 76.2mm × 12.7mm × 4mm mesh opening. Thanks to thus special structure, 358 fence, 356 fence and 3510 fence are recognized as the three most difficult rigid mesh to penetrate. Their difference is the diameter of the wire. It is almost impossible for anyone to destroy it with normal shear tools. As it does not offer any foothold, it would be unlikely to climb over.


* Material: Mild Steel

* Surface treatment:

I. Black wire welded mesh + pvc coated;

II. Electro galvanized welded mesh + pvc coated;

III. Hot dipped galvanized welded mesh + pvc coated.

(PVC coated colors: dark green, light green, blue, yellow, white, black, orange and red, etc.)


358 fence is a large-scale welded wire mesh with a protective spiked wire mesh on the upper part. The wire is galvanized steel wire and PVC coating treatment.


Production process:

Steel wire is coated with plastic, and it can also be separately plated, hot plated and coated.

Anti-corrosion treatment: galvanized, copper-plated, plastic sprayed, dip plastic



358 Anti Climb Fencing Specifications

Wire thickness 3.0mm,3.5mm,4.0mm
Hole size 76.2*12.7mm
Width 2m,2.2m,2.5m
Height 1.0m,1.2m,1.5m,1.8m,2.0m
Post height 1.4m,1.6m,2.0m,2.3m,2.5m
Post type Square post 60*60*2.0/2.5mm, 80*80*2.5/3.0mm
Fitting Flat bar,Metal clips
Surface treatment Electric galvanized/hot dipped galvanized then powder coated,hot dipped galvanized

358 Anti Climb Fencing Application

Military base, prisons, industrial and commercial sites, airports, railway station, government buildings, school sports field, public parks and utilities, recreation and leisure areas, other high security sites and so on.


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358 Anti Climb Fencing Feature


1. Good anti-corrosion performance, anti-aging, beautiful appearance, easy and fast installation.

2. Anti-climbing Due to the high-density mesh of the 358 guardrail, hands and feet cannot be attached, which has played a very good role in protecting against climbing.

3. The anti-shear wire diameter is very large and the mesh is dense, making the wire cutter useless.

4. Beautiful appearance, smooth mesh surface, two-dimensional three-dimensional sense, higher perspective.


358 Anti Climb Fencing Advantages


Anti-climbing: no toes or fingers can go through because of its small openings.
Anti-cut: robust wire and welded joints make it difficult for bolt cutters and wire cutters to cut.
Durability: 358 mesh fence, made from high quality steel wire and then galvanized or polymer powder coating, ensures a long service life.
Clamp bar fixings.
Custom design is available.
Versatility: Many different applications, such as schools, parks, leisure and recreational areas.