Retaining Wall Defensive Bastion Mil10 Hesco Barriers Wall

September 21, 2022
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Defensive barrier also called hesc Bastion, Military sad bag,

It can be used as a temporary breakwater to keep water out or as a military
Originally designed to protect against dike erosion and flood and flood control in the 1980s, it was later used by the military to build forts because of its robustness.

MIL comes as a flat packed unit and can be assembled faster with minimal manpower, handling equipment and fill material.

A 10m long wall will take two people and one front-loading machine only 20 minutes to construct. Using sandbags, the same wall
will take eight people eight hours to build and needs three time as much fill material.

MIL units unfold and are positioned, pinned together and filled with local materials like sand or earth. Because the units are
pinned together, they can create limitless defensive structures anywhere, anytime.