PVC coated 3DFence

September 18, 2022
Latest company news about PVC coated 3DFence

3d panel fences are welded sections of horizontal and vertical metal bars. The sections are made of galvanized steel with a polymer coating and are supplied complete with metal, galvanized and polymer-treated support posts. Ready-made sections are mounted directly on the site, resulting in a strong, reliable and aesthetic fence.

3D mesh fences have a design feature that distinguishes them from standard panels. At the top of each section, the bars have a V-shaped bend. This profiling gives the structure additional rigidity.

Technical specifications:
distance between posts: 2500/3000 mm
Fence height: from 0.6 m to 4.0 m (200 mm pitch) post
cross-Section: 60x40/80x80 mm