Professional Wrought Iron Fence Installation

June 14, 2022
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Wrought iron fences are able to add more curb appeal and security to any home, making them a great choice. Many people who are considering wrought iron fences often wonder, “Why do they call it wrought iron?” wrought is an outdated term that means to work, so wrought iron means “worked iron”. Basically, wrought iron is manufactured iron.

Many people ask if the term is “Is it wrought or rod iron?” and the correct spelling is wrought, not rod. If you are thinking about getting a wrought iron fence for your home, you might wonder what the installation process entails. The installation process is actually quite simple and doesn’t take very long

Before a wrought iron fence is installed, you will need the posts, panels, gates, and fasteners, as well as a shovel, screwdriver, tape measure, stakes, and other materials. When those materials are acquired, the first step in the installation process, post stakes will need to be stuck in the ground where each corner of the iron fence will be. Once the stakes have been set up, the string will be tied to the stakes to see what the dimensions of the fence will be. When you know where the fence is going to go, fence posts can be put in place of the stakes. After the posts have been set up, the fence panels can then be installed. Next, the gate for the fence will be installed. It is an easy process when you hire a contractor who knows what they are doing..