Manufacturer Removable Galvanized Crowd Control Barrier

July 30, 2022
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Crowd Control Barriers (also known as pedestrian barriers and crowd control barricades) are lightweight and ideal for keeping the public safe from hazards around construction sites. The barriers are also very popular in the event industry because they act as a physical and psychological barrier and are an effective way of guiding pedestrian traffic safely by clearly marking footpaths.


When Crowd Control barriers are interlocked, security personnel can create lines of barriers that are very difficult to penetrate. This is because when the crowd control barriers are interlocked, they become stronger and cannot be easily toppled over. Offset fixed legs increase the stability and strength of the barrier while making them easily stackable.


The barriers are manufactured with a galvanised finish which protects against rusting and are available in high-visibility colours (orange or red) – this incurs an additional charge for the powder coating.