Holland Fence Netting PVC Coated Euro Holland Fence For Farm

November 8, 2022
Holland fence netting:
Holland fence netting, also known as wave net and wave guardrail net, is generally used as guardrail. Because of its simple design structure, scientific design principle, affordable price, convenient installation and other advantages, Holland fence netting is loved by people.
Main application:
It is mainly used for the protective belt on both sides of breeding farms, highways, railways and bridges; Security protection of airports, ports and docks; Isolation and protection of parks, lawns, zoos, lakes, roads and residential areas in municipal construction; Protection and decoration of hotels, hotels, supermarkets and entertainment places
Product Features
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1.The paint surface is even and smooth
Bright and clear color, not easy to fade, bright and beautiful, no rust
2.Seamless welding
Welding technology is adopted, no obvious contact, firm and stable, and beautiful appearance
3.Strictly select materials and high-quality steel wire
High strength, strong bearing capacity,
Strong safety and long service life
4.Support professional customization
It can be customized according to project requirements