High Standard Galvanized Palisade Metal Picket Fence

October 3, 2023

Customized Heavy Duty Palisade Fence Panels Curved Top Palisade Fencing W Shape



Product Description


European-style mesh adopts Q235 steel wire cold drawn steel wire, low carbon steel wire, steel wire cold drawn steel wire for the braided welding bending process, the specification is 1.8m high and 2.5m wide. And carry out the corresponding resistance treatment: electro-osmosis protection hot-dip galvanizing, spraying, dipping and stainless steel wire, etc. Especially the PVC steel wire fence is reliable in price and durable. Durable. Strong corrosion resistance, 10 years of quality and durability.


Palisade Fencing Specifications


hot dipped Galvanised, powder coated
1500mm, 1800mm, 2100mm, 2400mm, 3000mm etc.
2750mm, 3000mm, etc.
Pales numbers
17 pcs,
Pales details
50 x 50 x 5 RSAPale type: "W" "D" "V", thickness 2mm, 2.3mm, 2.5 mm,
Palisade Top Rail
50 x 50 x 4mm, 50 x 50 x 5mm,
Post Type
Square post, H post


UK BS1722 Standard all 2 rails palisade fence bays of 2.75m includes:


  • 1 Palisade Fencing Posts
  • 17 Palisade Fencing Pales
  • 1 Palisade Fencing Top Rail
  • 1 Palisade Fencing Bottom Rail
  • 2 Palisade Fencing Fish plates
  • 4 Palisade Fencing Anti Tamper M12 Bolts
  • 34 Palisade Fencing Anti Tamper M8 Bolts

It is widely accepted as the industry leader to protect and deter general attack from all types and conditions of intrusion.
Palisade fence is constructed using a post, rail and paling system. The security level of the fence can be increased by increasing the height of the fence, adding the pale numbers of each panel or increasing the thickness of the pale. The pales are made from hot formed and cold rolled steel belt,These belt offer both strength and rigidity combined with a long life span



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