High security fencing application advantage

December 1, 2022
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358/High security fencing application advantage

1. Low cost construction of infrared thermal barriers is less expensive than actually building a physical barrier. Compared with traditional surveillance cameras, infrared thermal imaging network cameras used in infrared thermal barriers have superior shooting distance performance, so the number of devices used will be less. The detection range of the Jingyang thermal imaging network camera covers the entire guardrail. Four similar cameras are used in similar nearby sites to cover the same size of the detection range, and the infrared thermal imaging network camera does not require lighting equipment and is maintenance-free, so the cost of ownership is very low.


2. The interference is small and the interference to the perimeter environment is small compared to the physical barrier or the lighting infrastructure that interferes with wildlife.

3. Protecting inaccessible areas The use of infrared thermal barriers makes it easy to protect areas that cannot be set up due to economic, environmental or logical reasons.

4. Reduce false alarms With high contrast thermal monitoring and unique video analysis algorithms, the false alarm rate of infrared thermal barriers is lower than other security product combinations, with an accuracy rate of 99%.

5. Easily retrofit and expand the infrared thermal barrier. It is flexible and can easily transform and expand the security system as needed.