High Quality Diamond Wire Mesh Fence Price

March 25, 2023

Chain link fencing, also known as cyclone wire fencing is a cost effective, secure and durable choice in permanent fencing that serves a wide range of applications.

Chain link fence is made of high quality hot-dip galvanized (or PVC coated) low carbon steel wire, and woven by advanced automatic equipment. It has fine rust-resistant, mainly used as safety fence for house, building, breeding of poultry and so on.


Chain link fence features

Excellent Security - provides constant security against tresspassers, pilferers and animals

Long Term Durability - stands up to rugged conditons and requires minimal maintenance

Easily extended - additional fencing can be matched with the original for future extensions.

Readily relocated - chainwire fences have a high recovery rate, and can be relocated as the extension of premises demands.

Highly flexible - can be easily fitted around building columns, roof trusses, air conditioning ducts and hot water services.

Galvanised & LifeMax wire - ensures long life and low maintenance.

PVC coating - chainwire is available in black or green to blend with the environment

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