Hexagonal Gabion Gabion Wall Baskets Stone Cages

July 17, 2022
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It is the hexagonal mesh case which is twisted by the machine. lt can be filled with proper quarry stones or rubbles. Steel wire is made from standard mild steel. High grade materials produce high grade Gabion mesh.Double bunched structure can avoid the mesh to be fallen into piecesaluminizing and galvanizing can protect the mesh wire from oxygenation

Technical Note of Retaining Walls Gabion
Mesh Size: 60*80,80*100,100*120120*150and so on Wire Diameter:2.0-4.0mm
Surface Treatment: hot-dipped galvanizing, galvanizing,Galfan,and PVC coating, etc.
When requesting a quote, please specify size of units (length x width x height) type of mesh type of coating
EXAMPLE: No. Gabion basket 2x1x1m-Mesh type 6x8-Wire diam.2.2