Galvanized Wrought Steel Flat Top Garden Tubular Picket Fence Black Wrought Iron

August 6, 2023

Galvanized Wrought Steel Flat Top Garden Fence Tubular Picket Fence Black wrought iron fence panels



Tubular Fence Brief Introduction


Wrought Iron fence is elegant, strong, durable and fulfils many demanding roles. It is regularly used around industrial units, civic amenities, schools and other such applications where security is a major concern.

The security level of wrought iron fence can be increased by increasing the height of the fence, increasing the number of pales per panel, increasing the thickness of pale, adding a concrete plinth.



Tubular fencing Packing


1: Each steel fence panel is seperated by cardboard (or bubble film), then tied by plastic band, wrapped in plastic film, put on pallet.
2: Each steel fence post is wrapped in a plastic bag, then by pallet
3: All steel fence accessories are packed in plastic bags then put in cartons.
Package can also be on customers' request.


Tubular Picket Railing System Processing Technology

Process: Galvanized pipe cutting; spear pressing; tube hole punching (punching holes for vertical bar; punching of horizontal bar; punching holes of post); welding; washing; surface treatment; packing; installation.

1. First cut the steel or aluminum tube into the required length
2. Press spear tops
3, Punching holes of steel tubes
4. Use the mould to fix the cut tube then weld the rail and pickets. there are two welding methods:

  • A. full welding
  • B.point welding

5. Washing / Surface Cleaning: The workers first use the small polish machine to polish the welding points one by one. After finished all the welding,using the big polish machine (steel sand ) to wash the oil.
6. Surface Treatment: Then finish the zinc plating. The last surface treatment can be hot dip zinc plating or zinc plating plus power coating.



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