Factory cattle field fence for animal

March 31, 2023

Cattle Fence are also known as stockyard, cattle yard, cattle panel, house fence, sheep fence, livestock fencing.

Cattle fence is made of square, oval or round tube, it is mainly used as portable or permanent fencing. The fence panels are offered in a variety of heights, lengths, and number of rails.The fence panels are appealing, safe, easy to install.


1. Round tube style
Height*Length 1m*2.1m,1m*2.9m,1.8m*2.1m
Horizontal rails 32mmOD,42mmOD, (6 round rail)
Vertical pipe 32mmOD,42mmOD
Thickness 1.6mm, 2.0mm
Material pre hot dipped galvanized steel pipe
Accessories 4 lugs, 2 rain caps are welded on panel2 pins are included in 1 panel


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