Double Wire Fence 656 868 Galvanized Welded Mesh 2D Fence Panels

May 3, 2023
Latest company news about Double Wire Fence 656 868 Galvanized Welded Mesh 2D Fence Panels
Double wire fence, also known as twin wire fence, is a kind of specially designed welded wire fence with double horizontal wires welded to single vertical wire. Its unique structure makes it stronger and more durable than single wire fence.
Material: Low carbon steel wire and other materials;
Surface Treatment: Galvanized double wire fence, Powder coating double wire fence;
♦ It has both flat top and arch top design patterns for you to choose from.
♦ Double horizontal wires are welded firmly to the vertical wire to form a ridge structure.
♦ Its large mesh opening provides both high visibility and excellent security.
♦ It provides a competitive price while maintaining high quality, rigidity and a long life service.
♦ Its galvanized or powder coating surface give excellent rust & corrosion resistance to withstand various harsh environment conditions.
♦ The galvanized and powder coating treatment allows the double wire fence working properly for nearly 10 years.
♦ It has double horizontal wires to provide more rigidity and durability, so that it will not damage easily and require less maintenance.
Application: Fencing and protection for road, railway, airport, residence district, seaport, garden, feeding and husbandry.
Wire Dia. Mesh size Panel width Panel height Fold no. Post height Post model
Fix 1 Fix 2







200*55mm 200*60mm






830mm 2 1200mm 900mm

Square post

Peach post

Round post

Holland post

1030mm 2 1400mm 1200mm
1230mm 2 1600mm 1400mm
1530mm 3 2000mm 1700mm
1730mm 3 2200mm 1900mm
1830mm 4 2300mm 2000mm
2030mm 4 2500mm 2200mm
2230mm 4 2700mm 2400mm
2530mm 5 3000mm 2600mm