Diamond Cyclone Wire Metal Chain Link Fencing 50x50mm Mesh Size 1.8m

September 6, 2023

Diamond Wire Fencing Cyclone Wire 50x50mm Mesh Size Chain Link Mesh



Why chain link wire mesh is popular as zoo mesh?

  • Low cost. Chain link fence is a cheap alternative to steel rope or welded panel fencing. When the quantity of fence required, the cost being reduced will be great.
  • Durability. Thick zinc coating or PVC coating gives superior resistance against rains, snows and frost.
  • Security. Smooth surface will not hurt the animal or the visitors.
  • Easy installation and short project time.


Chain Link Fence Instruction

Chain Link Fences are widely used in road, railway and highway fencing projects. And this fencing product is also used for interior decoration, fowl and small animal raising like chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and also zoo fencing projects. Other scenarios using Chain Link Fences are machinery and equipment protection, sports venues, green belt.

As you can see, Chain Link Fences really does a great job for so many fencing scenarios. It's cost-effective and quite good-looking. It's an pretty ideal fencing choice for everybody.

Chain Link Fence Application


Mainly used in sports field, basketball field, park, garden, green field, parking field, architecture, waterways, side slope soil, residence safeguard etc.


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