Concertina razor blade barbed wire galvanized razor barbed wire

June 18, 2023

Razor wire and stinging scraper type, is a kind of protective developed in recent years, the capability of isolation of new fence products. A sharp knife stab type by double occurs after snapping into shape, are beautiful and chilling. Has played a very good deterrent effect. Beautiful and practical
Countries around the world have razor wire is widely used in military stronghold, prison, government agencies, Banks, and residential fence, private house, villa walls, doors and Windows, highway, rail barrier and border to security protection

Installation of Razorwire Flat Profile

Installation of Razor Wire (flat profile) is particularly simple. It can either be supported by clipping or wire tying to the surface part way up or alternatively by fitting brackets to the existing fence posts and then running a line of support wire through the top hole of the bracket and weaving it through the Razor Wire.
Either way we can supply you with the necessary vertical uprights, straining wire and bolting to enable self fit to a fence or wall.


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