Chain Link Fence

July 12, 2022
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Install line post caps and attach rails.

  • Drive looped line caps onto the line posts with a mallet. Put the posts in their holes, but don’t fill the holes.
  • Bolt a rail cap to each brace band, tightening just enough to hold the cap in place. Feed the rails through the looped caps.
  • Cut rails with a pipe cutter or hacksaw, if needed. If you need longer rails, join them together. Use rails with a slightly smaller wedged end that fits into a full-size rail or with a top rail sleeve.
  • Be sure to deburr the ends of all cuts using a file if necessary.
  • Fit the rails into the rail caps. Raise or lower each cap to the final height of the mesh. Allow 2-inches of clearance at the bottom.
  • Tighten the brace bands to secure the rail height.
  • Fill the holes around the line posts with dirt and tamp until firm. Be sure to keep the posts plumb as you fill the hole in.