Anti-climbing fence clearvu 358 security fence

January 12, 2023

The Anti-Climb fencing system is approved with Secured by Design as an effective form of crime prevention, so it’s also as know as “Security fencing”. The panel mesh is tightly configured (the hole size 12.5mm x 75mm) as there are no toe or finger holds.
This system is available from 1.8m to 3m high and the panels are manufactured using 4mm thick wires. Security toppings such as barbed wire can be added to all heights as a way to enhance security further.

Surface treatment:
1,use the hot-dipped galvanized (or electro galvanized) wire as material ,after welding, begin pvc or plastic spraying.
2,Use the low carbon steel wire welded the panel, then elctro or hot-dipped galvanized treatment, finally pvc treatment.
3,In Europe, generally choose the galvanized after welding or pvc after welding.
Application: play ground, prison, airport, power system, shipping port, bedlam.
Nickname:358 crimped mesh,358 industrial security mesh,Very high-security twin 258 mesh panels,

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