Anti climb mesh fence

March 22, 2024
Latest company news about Anti climb mesh fence

Anti climb mesh fence is also called 358 fence( 3"×0.5"×8 guage) also known as"prison mesh"or anti-climb fence,is a special fencing panel,we can make in our city,this production offers the best value for performance.

The mesh size of 358 Anti Climp Security Fence is 76.2*12.7mm(center to center), the distance of horizontal wire is 12.7mm, and the distance of vertical wire is 76.2mm, it is very popular in US Market and Malaysia Market. 358 Security Fence has good anti-corrosion performance, anti-aging, beautiful appearance and easy installation.


Anti-climb: The opening holes are so small that even fingers cannot penetrate in.

* Anti-cut: Bolt cutter and wire cutter cannot make itself through the narrow holes, therefore the fence won't be destroyed.

* Strong welded point: The welded joints are fixed firmly, won't split by natural human and nature force.

* Smooth surface: The panel finish surface is well-proportioned for a decorative effect.

* Durable: The panel sheet is galvanized uniformly and PVC coated, which ensures a long service life.