Anti climb 358 security fence

August 27, 2022

358 high security fence is well known in the world as an anti-climb and anti-cut through barrier,

while providing the lowest level high quality carbon steel wires. It is designed to give attractive,

long lasting and secure perimeter protection for industrial and commercial properties, public utilities, and it is really suited for electronic alarm and detection systems-no blind spots for CCTV. It is also a good choice for Military, airports, secure units and prisons.

heavy gauge small hole welded wire mesh fence for Anti climb security fence 358 fence


358 security fence
wire diameter mesh size




length *diameter*thickness

4mm(8#) 12.7mmx76.2mm
2000mm*2500mm 2700mm*60*60*2.5mm
2400mm*2500mm 3100mm*60*60*2.5mm
3000mm*2500mm 3800mm*80*80*2.5mm
3300mm*2500mm 4200mm*80*80*2.5mm
3600mm*2500mm 4500mm*100*60*3.0mm
3600mm*2500mm 4500mm*100*100*3.0mm
4200mm*2500mm 5200mm*100*100*4.0mm
5000mm*2500mm 5200mm*100*100*5.0mm
5200mm*2500mm 6200mm*120*120*5.0mm