Aluminum Fence

February 28, 2023

Steel fence,as a ornamental fence,using the vertical steel pales,the pickets and horizontal rails to form the fence.The surface treatment of our steel fence is coated by hot dipped galvanization. Steel fence is widely used in villas, community, gardens, schools, factories and other flower beds, lawns, industrial and financial institutions, sports stadiums, squares, roads, balconies, residential use.

It is popular in most countries and areas.with its decoration function.

steel tube, Aluminum tube.
Panel size
1.5x2.4m(5x8ft),1.8x2.4m (6x8ft), 2.1x2.4m (7x8ft), 2.4x2.4m (8x8ft), etc.
Rail size
30x30x1.2mm, 40x40x1.2mm, 50x50x1.2mm, etc.
Picket size
16x16x1.0mm,19x19x1.0mm, 20x20x1.2mm, 25x25x1.2mm, etc.
Post size
50x50x1.5mm, 60x60x1.5mm, 70x70x1.5mm, 75x75x1.5mm, etc.
Top point
Pressed spear top
Surface treatment
Hot dipped galvanized + powder coated


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