Advantages of 3D fence

July 8, 2022
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3D fence differs from the usual due to the following specifications:

Multi-layer coating technology ensures long-term intake (60 years on average).
The increased rigidity of the metal grid rods ensures a long service life for it, moreover, it is practically impossible to break them out.
Vertical metal rods fastened with V-shaped bends reinforce the mesh fencing design.
Galvanized metal makes the product resistant to corrosion, as well as allows it not to lose the original color for many years.
The mesh design provides a free view of the space, as well as allows the sun's rays to penetrate unhindered inside


Despite the fact that the product is made of mesh, its durability creates reliable protection against intruders and uninvited guests.
Favorable price in the market makes the purchase affordable for many owners of country plots,as well as the opportunity to save on the fencing of a large area of ​​industrial enterprises when buying material in bulk.
Due to the fact that the whole structure is assembled from small modules, the installation process is easy and fast. Even people with no experience in construction can cope with this task.
The appearance of the product is simple and unobtrusive. The abundance of options for various forms of sections, as well as the color scheme allows you to choose a 3D fence, the maximum fit it into the overall picture of the design space.