500m Galvanized BTO-22 Razor Barbed Wire

April 27, 2023
Latest company news about 500m Galvanized BTO-22 Razor Barbed Wire

Razor wire is a new type of fence, razor wire is corrosion-resistant galvanized steel or stainless steel as raw material processed, Is one of the most popular high-level protection of metal construction materials.


1. Material: Concertina razor wire usually make with galvanized steel sheet ,stainless steel sheet


2. Reference number: BTO-12 BTO-15 BTO-22 BTO-30 CBT-60 CBT-65


3. Thickness:0.5-0.6mm


4.Bar length and width:10-65mm


5.Features: beautiful, strong, corrosion, oxidation, excellent protection, deterrent effect.


6.Uses: Widely used in military, prisons, detention centers, government buildings and pasture boundary, railway, highway isolated protection, etc.