4.0mm PVC Coated 3D Curved Welded Wire Mesh Fence 50x200mm

October 13, 2023

900mm - 1200mm Outdoor Security V Mesh Security Fencing


V Mesh Security Fencing with Rectangle Post Description

  1. V Mesh Security Fencing with Rectangle Post are made of high quality steel ,covered with excellent anti corrosion coating to ensure the fence has long time use.
  2. The panels feature 'V' shaped beams at the top, centre and bottom edges, which not only enhance the appearance but also provide an integral support spanning between the posts.
  3. Welded wire mesh fence is consist of wire mesh fence panel ,fence post and clamp and bolts.
  4. Fence height: 900mm-1200mm (Customized height available )
    Length: Customized after the requirement
    Usage: Stadium fence, farm fence, garden fence, cattle fence, etc.
    Production process: Using advanced zinc alloy steel process and AkzoNobel powder spraying process.
    In order to ensure the guardrail has distinctive weather resistance, the technology center has studied dozens of special surface treatment technology. The application of modern high-tech, after a number of special technology treatments, guardrail products have excellent corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, weather resistance, and long-tern surface self-cleaning ability. No matter what kind of harsh environment, guardrail will not rust, fade, crack, powder, aging, fall off, etc.. The product will always keep the bright color, completely eliminate the daily maintenance of guardrail caused by trouble.

V Mesh Security Fencing Specification


Material Low carbon steel, hot galvnaized steel
Height 830mm, 1030mm, 1230mm, 1530mm, 1830mm, 2030mm
Post distance 2000mm, 2500mm
Wire diameter 4.0mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm, 6.0mm
Mesh size 50 x 200mm
Post Square post: 50 x 50mm, 60 x 60mm, 80 x 80mm
Rectangle post: 40 x 60mm, 40 x 80mm, 50 x 70mm
Peach post: 50 x 70mm, 70 x 100mm
I post: 44 x 70mm, 55 x 100mm
Surface treatment Low carbon steel+hot dipped galvanized
Hot galvanized steel+powder coated
Hot galvanized steel+pvc coated
Color dark green, black, white, yellow, grey, blue and so on


Peach post Specification


Post view Size Thickness Panel height Base post Normal post Surface treatment
Square post











830mm 850mm 1200mm

1.Black tube Hot-dipped galvanized

2.Galvanized tube PVC coated

1030mm 1050mm 1400mm
1230mm 1250mm 1600mm
1530mm 1550mm 2000mm
Rectangle post




1830mm / 2400mm
2030mm / 2500mm
2230mm / 2800mm
2430mm / 3000mm


V Mesh Security Fencing Application

  1. Commercial grounds (Corporation, hotel, supermarket)
  2. Private grounds (Courtyard, Villadom)
  3. Public grounds (Park, zoo, train or bus station, lawn);
  4. Road and transit (Highway, railway or road city transit);
  5. 3D fence is used as decoration or protection for various facilities in industry,agriculture, transport, etc.latest company news about 4.0mm PVC Coated 3D Curved Welded Wire Mesh Fence 50x200mm  0

latest company news about 4.0mm PVC Coated 3D Curved Welded Wire Mesh Fence 50x200mm  1