July 22, 2023
Latest company news about 3D WELDED MESH PANEL

3D Welded Mesh Panels are rectangular mesh panels. They are the most common Welded Panels all over the world since they are preferred as the most efficient solution for populated public and private areas. 3D Panels have a width of 2,50m and height from 0,63m to 2,43m but it can be also manufactured in different dimensions according to customer demand. So, you can get tailor made panel dimensions for your territory without compromising aesthetic view and security.


Mesh sizes of the welded panel are 55x200mm, 50x200mm and 50x150mm. These are the most commonly preferred dimensions by our customers.


3D Mesh is also manufactured from pre-galvanized wire just like the Security Welded Mesh. The wire diameters are often 4mm and 5mm. The panels have reinforcing V-bends to increase rigidity.


To install this fence system, SHS / RHS post are preferred with clips system. H shape posts without any need for fixation are also available.


Coating and Colors
The 3D Welded Mesh Panels are coated with polyester and thermoplastic coating.
The standard color is RAL 6005 green. Other RAL colors are available on request.
Application Areas
Public Spaces, Buildings, Park&Gardens, Residential Houses, Industrial Areas