1.5mm Bright Hard Stainless Steel Wire Price 316 Annealing Stainless Wire Steel 316L

October 29, 2023

Galvanized Oval Wire as high tensile strength structures,which is corrosion, rust resistance, solid, durable and extremely versatile,widely used by landscapers, craft makers, building and constructions, ribbon manufacturers, jewelers and contractors. It is mainly as cattle fence wire to fence cattle farms in special place such as flooded lands,seashore farms, Ellipse, Agriculture, Fencing, Horticulture, Vineyard, Handicrafts, Trellis, and Horticulture structures, etc.
Galvanized Oval Wire is divided into Standard Zinc hot dipped galvanized oval wire and Super Zinc hot dipped galvanized oval wire.

Specification of Galvanized Oval Wire
  Item Size Diameter Min Breaking load Zinc Coating Diameter Tolerance Coil Length Coil Weight
Oval High Carbon Steel wire